New Year's Eve


All courses included for 280 €


All 3 dishes included
Amouse bouche
House smoked Sicilian scampi, mustard marinated cabbage and consommé of anurca apple with Sichuan pepper and caviar
Terrine of foie gras, liquorice, Mandarin gel and gold


All 2 dishes included
Fresh ravioli stuffed with smoked herring and ricotta, emulsion of lettuce, Madeira wine sauce sweet and sour sauce
Gran Riserva creamed risotto with cauliflower, pigeon confit, plankton and chestnuts


All 2 dishes included
King crab, braised cabbage, crunchy Rigatino ham and Porto wine sabayon
Duck spice compression with litchis, sponge mushrooms, yuzu sauce and fermented chocolate


All 3 dishes included
Small pre - dessert Savini Selection
Tiramisù “Between tradition and Innovation”
After Midnight as traditional dictates, Mantova cotechino with steamed Castelluccio lentils

Dear customer, to ensure quality and food safety, the products administered in this room are either deep-frozen or frozen at origin or subjected to rapid blast chilling, as described in the HACCP plan pursuant to EC Reg. 852/04. Raw or practically raw fish products are subjected to rapid blast chilling for health purposes, in accordance with EC Reg. 853/04. The staff is available to provide any information on the nature and origin of the raw materials used. The customer is asked to communicate the need to consume allergen-free foods for which the inherent documentation is available. Cover charge € 6.00 per person.